Daniel and Enker Shrine Type Thing

The Daniel and Enker Shrine Type Thing

Last updated June 30th, 2005

Updates in Pictures and Travel log.

Full name: Daniel Phillip Vavinchi Enker Halberd Ironrose
Age: 19 19
Birthplaces: Main Guard Main Guard
Birthday: Oct 13th (It was a friday!) Oct 31st
Favorite Color: ANYTHING BUT PINK. ...blue? Black
Height: 5'5" (not counting horns) Hybrid: 4'0" Human: 5'3"
Favorite Food: Fish! Mushrooms

"Greetings and welcome to this webpage, I'm Gally."

"And I'm Thabian."

"And this page is to be a shrine to not one but two characters. You can read about them belo-"

"Shrine? For us?! WOOO!!"

"...who said that?"

"Not us I sware!"

"... Right." Gally steps away from the intro microphone area place thingy and pulls a site banner aside to reveal the two subjects of this page.

Daniel says,"Hiyah!"

Enker looks left looks right .. points at the people reading this and yells, "Perverts!"

Thabian walks up behind the pair and lifts them up by the collars.

Gally sighs.. then a light bulb pops up over her head,"Well fine. If you two are gonna be here... you can just go ahead and run the site.^^"

Enker blinks, "Uh hey what?", a look of total shock on his face.

Daniel's eyes widen and he says,"Uuuuuuhhhh...."

Gally smiles and says,"Hey. YOUR page... YOU run it. Now." She looks at the people reading,"To make this simple. If I ever Have to come in and fix stuff up that these two nitwits couldn't handle my text will be this color. Enker's text is purple, and Daniels is-"

"Blue! This color!"

"Hehehe.. riiight. Okay thats it for now. Oh and if you need to e-mail me because of a problem on the site cuase by the dunderheads its Gally242@verizon.net. Or if you just want to say you like the site, or send in a picture." Gally walks out of view, handing Enker a small remote and whispering in his ear on her way.

Thabian grins at the pair and nods, "My email is Thabian@ozemail.com.au and like Gally I am happy to get mail so go ahead and send if you feel the need." he follows Gally out the back door, as his voice is heard saying, "Woo! More time to play airhockey!"

Enker blinks then grins ...and points the remote at Daniel.


Daniel blinkblinks "What the f*** did you just... do...AAAAAAAH!!!!"

Enker laughs, "If I have to be purple you can be pink!"

Daniel says,"...hate you."

Enker smiles, "Eff you too bud, now on with this show about us! Me an him, him an I, I'm on the right he's on the left, right below are mini-bios on us, further into this mad website are going to be profiles on us, pictures of us, and comentary where needed by ... you guessed it US!"

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